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I really love your soap! I'm hooked on it for my face now! It lasts a long time so I don't need much! Thanks!


  • Wildflowers Soap Filled Luffa

    We've incorporated our natural handmade soap formula with the mild…

    $5.00/ Each

    $20.00/ 5 Luffa's

  • Just (Colloidal) Oatmeal Soap

    The skin conditioning benefits of our Colloidal Oatmeal Soap are seemingly…

    $3.95/ Each

    $21.00/ 6 Bars

  • Spearmint Orange

    Wow! Completely refreshing, this combination of Spearmint and Orange…

    $4.25/ Each

    $20.00/ 5 Bars

  • Shampoo Bar

    Yes, a shampoo bar! Before liquid shampoo, that's all there was, and for…

    $3.95/ Each

    $21.00/ 6 Bars

  • Green Tea Soap Filled Luffa

    Spring fresh! This is a great fragrance for men or women. Enjoy the…

    $5.00/ Each

    $20.00/ 5 Luffa's